Electrical insulator types

Electrical insulator types include Ceramic Insulators, Silicon Polymer Insulators, and Toughened Glass Insulators as different materials. They also can divided into many types as per their applications.

Electrical insulator types:
Ceramic Insulators: We can supply all types of standard and bespoke ceramic insulators, manufactured in normal C110, C120, and high strength C130 bodies. Porcelain insulators are made of wet-process porcelain.

Ceramic Insulators pictures:

Ceramic Insulators
Ceramic Insulators types:
LV Reel Type Insulators & Coachscrew Service Insulators.
HV Pin Type (11kV to 33kV), Stay/Strain Insulators & Line Post Insulators (33kV to 66kV).
HV transmission and distribution Suspension and Tension Insulators, applications from 80kN to 520kN in both Plain and Anti-fog profiles.
HV support Insulators for switchgear disconnector, capacitor bank and busbar support applications.
Railway applications for Third Rail conductor support, 25kV overhead and catenary suspension.
Locomotive switchgear applications
Apparatus Insulators for HV switchgear, current transformers, voltage transformers, Surge arrestor housings and bushings
Fluid filled cable sealing end Housings and Bushings for 25kV to 400kV applications.
Specialist ceramic applications

Silicon Polymer Insulators types and pictures:
Long Rod Suspension and Tension Insulators (11kV to 765kV)
20kN to 300kN SML
Horizontal & Vertical Line Post Insulators (33kV to 132kV)
10kN to 30kN SCFL
Station Post Insulators & Support Insulators (11kV to 132kV)
10kN to 30kN SCFL
Anti-Torsion Insulators for Railway Applictions (25kV)
80kN SML
Equipment & Disconnector Insulators (11kV to 132kV)
10kN to 30kN SCFL

Silicon Polymer Insulators

Toughened Glass Insulators types and pictures:
Plain Tension Insulators 70kN to 400kN
Anti-Fog and Aerodynamic Profiles 70kN to 300kN
British Standard, BSEN, IEC, ANSI, CAN-ANSI
UK National Grid approved
Zinc Sleeve Option available
Silicon Coating Option

Toughened Glass Insulators

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