Electrical parameters

An insulator’s electrical parameters should be selected to maintain an economic balance between system performance and over insulation cost. Electrical parameters can help us selection good insulator.


Increasing an insulator’s electrical parameters will provide greater system protection at a higher price and, for long power lines the cost can be substantial. Therefore, insulation requirements for power systems should be considered on an individual basis because of the uniqueness of power system configurations, grounding techniques, and protection scheme.
Generally, an acceptable flashover probability is incorporated into the design of a transmission line because it’s not economically feasible to protect against all occurrences of lightning overvoltages. These overvoltages result from shielding failures caused by direct strokes to the conductor, from back-flashover caused by strokes to the tower and shield wire, and from induced voltages caused by strokes to nearby grounded objects. When a flashover occurs, an insulator is not normally affected and will recover, unlike transformer insulation that will be damaged. This ability allows an insulator’s flashover level to be selected by a statistical process that gives it an expected flashover probability.

The electrical parameter of an insulator to resist flashover caused by lightning strokes relies on the air gap distance (Dry Arc) between its live and ground end. Therefore, as the system insulation level increases, so must the insulator’s length.

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