Electrical power products

Electrical power products include H.V. and L.V. Stays, Overhead Line Tools and Accessories, Air Break Distribution Switches, and so on. Each of them include many types, and the detailed information is as follows.

Electrical hardware fittings types:
H.V. and L.V. Stays:
Galvanized Stay Wire
Non-adjustable stay rods & base plates: All base plates available with square holes for adjustable stay rods & slotted holes for non-adjustable stay rods.
Pole tops: Pole Top Make of Steel
Adjustable stay rods & base plates
Stay kit
Guy Grip Dead Ends

Overhead Line Tools and Accessories:
NS 1000 nylon sling
Linesmen safety belts
Bandit strapping
Phase separators type PHS
Cable socks: Used for installing A.B.C.
Used for putting over all cores of aerial cable when pulling.
Used for putting over neutral messenger core.
For high voltage A.B.C. use. TTSB-50 nylon outer socker. TRSB-12 inner steel pulling sock.
Cable socks for underground cables available on request.
Cable tie type L200
Electronic dynamometer model DEA
Come along clamps for A.B.C. and overhead conductors
Ratchet lever hoist
LV & MV ABC stringing pulley
Bird flight diverter

Air Break Distribution Switches:
Distribution air break switches:
Pole mounted disconnectors up to 52kV.
Available in off load and load break.
Available in single pole or H-pole mounting.
Silicone insulators.
Eskom SA approved.
Pull to open / Pull to close.

In addition to the Electrical power products shown above, Orient also supplies Aerial Bundle Conductor Systems, Distribution & Transmission Products. Orient manufactures made-to-order, high-quality electrical equipment for electrical utilities, industrial customers, commercial customers, and original equipment manufacturers. Bushing Wells, Bushings and Thru-Bushings and Apparatus and Station Post Insulators are our hot products.

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