Fuse cutout

Fuse cutout is used in the transmission power system, it used to protect the electrical apparatus, Fuse cutout applied to 12 to 15kV transformer or main and branch transmission lines, it can offer short-circuit and overload protection.

Fuse cutout

Fuse cutout working principle
In the normal condition, the fuse tube of the fuse cutout form an enclosure by dint of fuse link, when happen extraordinary conditions, the fuse link will blown because of fault current, formed the electrical arc.
The electrical arc heated the arc extinguishing tube resolve a mass of gas, making the pressure inside the tube increase, with the high pressure blowing the arc along the tube, finally the arc is extinguished.
After the fuse tube of outdoor fused cutout is molten down, the lower contact drops down because of tension loss, the fuse tube will be released by locking mechanism and then drops down to form distinct opening.

Characteristics of Fuse Cutout
1. It has a precision time-current characteristic.
2. This fuse link adopted by our fuse cutout is configured with indefectible components.
3. It also enables fault current cutting out.


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