Glass suspension insulators

Glass suspension insulator, Whit the annealing treatment of the glass, internals tensions created during fabrication are eliminated.

Glass suspension insulator

In this process the temperature is raised sufficiently to relieve tensions but not enough to cause deformation. This treatment improves the glass properties and above all its mechanical characteristics.

Each standard is subdivided into four insulator groups, classified according to the different forms of the glass disc as required by different environment conditions.

Anti-pollution insulators:
With two recommended different forms for middle and high pollution zones. Their greater creepage distance allows to reduce the effects of pollution without increasing the length of the string.

Aerodynamics insulators:
These insulators are highly recomendable in desert applications. Due to their wholly flat dielectric profile, the absence of ribs makes difficult the buildup of deposits on the dielectric due to the clearing action of wind and rain.

Glass suspension insulator may also be used in areas subjected to critical industrial pollution (or combined industrial and desert pollution).


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