Ground Rods

Ground Rods consist of drive heads, coupler, ground rods, as installed, threaded coupler, connector, and so on, and Ground Rods can be divided into non-threaded type and threaded type.

Ground Rods

Ground Rods:
Copper bonded 10 Mil - 13 Mil
Components: Drive Heads, Coupler, Ground Rods,
Non-Threaded type and Threaded type
Manufactured by molecularly bonding of 99.95 pure electrolytic copper to high strength steel core rod.
Core rod is rated for 80,000 lbs. tensile strength for driving into hard soils.
Satisfies the requirements of UL and NEMA GR-1 specifications.
Threaded and non-threaded ground rods are offered in both 10 mil and 13 mil (RUS specified) plating thickness.
Each rod permanently marked with company designation (HPS) and catalog number.
Available accessories include couplers, drive heads, drive tips, ground rod clamps and conductive paste.
A complete line of bronze ground rod clamps are available for connecting cop- per cable in parallel with the copper bonded ground rod. A heavy-duty clamp is available for high-pressure applications.
Copper bonded Ground Rods — Non-Threaded
0 mil plating thickness meets the requirements of ANSI/UL 467-1984 and ANSI/NEMA GR-1.
13 mil plating thickness meets the requirements of ANSI/UL 467-1984 and ANSI/NEMA GR-1.
Copper bonded
Coupler For Non-Threaded Ground Rods
Driving Head for Non-Threaded Ground Rods
Copper bonded Ground Rods — Threaded
Coupler for Threaded Ground Rods
Drive Head for Threaded Ground Rods
Ground Rod Clamps — Bronze Refer to Anderson & Fargo Connector

Ground Rod or Pipe Clamp — AL/Cu
Refer to Anderson & Fargo Connector Catalog for additional information.
Conductive Paste

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