Hardwares and Connectors

Hardwares and Connectors are for applications in any power substation, transmission, distribution and low voltage system, and include Braces, Brackets, Strain clamp, Ground clamp, Splice or Sleeve, etc.

Hardwares and Connectors Introduction:
Connections made between conductors, in joining two ends together or in making a tap off the other, should be electrically and mechanical satisfactory which ensuing three fundamental criteria of safety, reliability, and cost effective to provide a path of electrical conduction between the conductors being joined. They not only should introduce no higher resistance (associated heating) at the points of contact, but they should also not be influenced of corrosion, conductor stress and movement.

For industrial and commercial applications, crimped and mechanically bolted aluminum and copper connectors are commonly used for terminating power cables. Copper connectors are available for use with copper conductor, and aluminum connectors are available for use with copper and aluminum conductor. There are significant differences in the material and electrical properties of aluminum and copper and their oxides, which may affect their long-term performance.

Parallel-groove clamps, split-bolt connectors, compression clamps and sleeves made more simple and more uniform, with substantial reduction in time and labor cost. Aluminum crimp connectors are also pre-filled with oxide inhibiting compound to reduce oxidation between the conductor and connector when in service.

Copper also oxidizes when exposed to air, but the oxide which forms is relatively soft and conductive, although not as conductive as the base metal. For this reason, copper connectors can often be installed without oxide inhibitor. Wire brushing of the conductor, although recommended, is not as critical as with aluminum. Copper connectors are often manufactured with a tin coating to reduce surface oxidation and discoloration, but they are also available without tin coating.

In many instances, where it is necessary to connect or disconnect the energized power line or live line, hot-line clamps and/or stirrup clamps are used to ensure the line man crew is well safe in successful services.

The mechanical design of the distribution system, and its several parts, must not only be kept from the normal stresses and strains, but must safely maintain them during abnormal conditions caused by nature and people. Pole-line hardware includes bolts, nuts, washers, braces, eyebolts, anchor rods, lag screws, pole steps, guy clamps, guy clips, guy hooks, guy plates, thimble-eyes, and steel pins. To increase the life of the material services, our hardware products shall be manufactured and galvanized according to specifications of the international standards.

Hardwares and Connectors          Hardwares and Connectors

Hardwares and Connectors Application:
The products are for applications in any power substation, transmission, distribution and low voltage system belong to the choices as followed;
Energy & Utilities i.e. EGAT, MEA, PEA, IPP, SPP, VSPP
Information and Communication Technology i.e. TOT, CAT
Industrials i.e. PTT, IRPC, SCG
Hospitals i.e. Chulalongkorn Hospital
Academic Education i.e. Chulalongkorn University, Chiangmai University, Khon Kaen University
Consumer Product Business i.e. CPN, MBK, AOT
Transportation and Logistic i.e. SRT, BTS, MRT, AOT

Hardwares and Connectors Features:
The equipment shall have successfully passed all the type tests or design tests in accordance with the Thai Industry Standards and the following international standards:
ANSI Publication C119.4-1991 Connectors for use between Aluminum-to-Aluminum or Aluminum-to-Copper Bare Overhead Conductors.
EEl Publication TDJ-5 (NEMA Pub. No. PH5-1966) dated September 1966 "Standards ForEyenuts And Eyelets"
EEl Publication TDJ-30 (NEMA Pub. No. PH 30-1971) dated March 1971 "Standards Forgalvanized Ferrous Ground Rods"
EEl Publication TDJ-I0 October 1962 "Standards For Washers"
EEl Publication TDJ-l (NEMA Pub. No. PH 101-1969) dated August 1969 "Standards For Steel Bolts And Nuts"
ASTM Publication B 187-74b: Standard Specification for Copper, Bus Bar, Rod, and Shapes and General Purpose Rod, Bar, and Shapes
JIS Publication H 3140-2006: Copper Bus Bar
TIS Publication 408-2525: Copper for electrical purposes: rod and bar

Hardwares and Connectors Type:
Hardware (Bayonet, Bolts with different Eye Type, Braces, Brackets, Strain clamp, Ground clamp, Guy and cable spacer, Clevis, Eye nut, Cross arm steel channel, Anchor rod, Guy U Bolt Clamp, Nuts )
Connectors (Hot line clamp, Bail clamp, Splice or Sleeve)

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