High voltage line post insulator

High voltage line post insulator is permanently mounted on the metal base gum, and sometimes one or more of the insulating member consisting of a cap of a rigid insulator.

High voltage line post insulator

High voltage line post insulator for a nominal voltage greater than 1000V, the frequency is not greater than 100Hz, altitude does not exceed 1000m, and in the general area, heavy contamination AC power lines in the region and supported insulated conductors. Their installation is divided into vertical and horizontal mounting two kinds of installation; its connection with high-voltage wires into top lashing type and a top clamp type two kinds.

Line post insulators, this insulator has a solid insulator, an A-type insulators, and thus do not have to worry about running along the internal insulation breakdown, which is one of its major advantages.

High voltage line post insulator can be mounted on a metal base stud or one or several bolt steel mounted on a support structure.

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