High voltage pin post insulators

High voltage pin post insulators are a unique design, combining the advantages of the line post insulator with the advantages of the pin type insulator and used on high voltage distribution lines.

With the help of our advanced engineering capabilities, we are able to manufacture a range of high quality porcelain pin post insulators. Extensively used by the clients in electrical applications, our range is available in standard sizes. The primary function of the High voltage pin post insulators lies in handling voltage fluctuations.

High voltage pin post insulators               High voltage pin post insulators

We manufacture a wide variety of porcelain pin post insulator that finds use in electrical distribution and transmission fields. We offer a wide range of porcelain pin post insulators, with following features:
High alumina content
Sustainability to operating temp above 500°C
High compressive and tensile strength
Available in brown/white glaze
Suitable for high voltage applications

We can produce High voltage pin post insulators according to the IEC, ANSI, AS, BS. We can also produce as per customers' design. If you are interested in our porcelain post insulators, please don't hesitate to contact with us.

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