Hollow insulators

Hollow insulators are main products used for substations, so they also called hollow station post insulators. Innovative insulator design and high voltage hollow insulators need advanced technology.

Innovative insulator design of Hollow insulators:
The traditional high voltage insulators are subject to new developments focusing on improved performance with reduced dimensions. The design of hollow insulators has long been restricted by limitations in material and production processes, complicating the introduction of new insulator designs. Long lead times required for engineering, preparation and tooling has mandated product uniformity and strict recommendations at the cost of function-specific design.

Hollow insulators   Hollow insulators

Hollow insulators

Major improvements in PPC Insulators group now set new standards in the industry:
With unprecedented possibilities for development and prototype production enabled by Isostatic process, PPC is able to manufacture porcelain hollow insulators with tighter tolerances and flexible design up to 1100kV.
RTV silicone coating provides excellent pollution performance for Hollow insulators in extreme environmental conditions.

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