Horizontal line post

Horizontal line post is available for horizontal mounting in clamp top design in four voltage classifications: 15kv, 20kv, 27kv and 34.5kv and used on high voltage distribution lines.

horizontal line post              horizontal line post

Horizontal line post introduction:
Horizontal Mounting Clamp-Top Type with Stud Base
Horizontal Mounting Clamp-Top Type with Curved Base
Hardware externally attached
Interchangeable clamp top clamps
Horizontal (Stud Mount) Clamp Top Line Posts (2" Trunnion bolt and Locknut)
Rated Voltage: 10-132KV

Directly mounted horizontal porcelain line post insulators, because they provided relatively small horizontal displacement, were seldom used for this type of installation. Mounting studs or conductor clamps may be ordered separately. Horizontal line post is used on high voltage transmission and distribution lines for supporting and insulating conductors, such as wire conductor bare 336 mcm.

Each manufacturing lot is held to rigorous quality control standards and scrutinized by our quality control team to ensure continuous improvement in Horizontal line post insulator product performance under sample destructive testing.

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