IPC Connector

We offer a wide range of IPC Connector. These IPC Connector are widely finds its valuable applications in various industrial sectors. The following is the application, Construction Features, and other details.

IPC Connector details:
IPC Connectors offered by us are well recognized and optimum functionality based Insulation Piercing Connectors that are simple in installation as well as economical in use. For durable performance, these come with main wire and branching wire that are of insulated copper or aluminum that make these allowed to be operated under energization/de-energization. Further, all parts come with flame-proof connectors so as to ensure superior functioning standards. Here, the enclosure used is also corrosion resistant and weather-proof.

IPC Connector Application:
Used for in branching connections of flame-resistant or flameproof cables

IPC Connector Construction Features:
System comprises high tensile insulation material
Use of constant piercing torque nut that makes installation task more easy and quick
Piercing position & ending cover of branching wire having high protection grade up to IP27
Capability to withstand voltage under water

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