Industrial Electric Heaters

Industrial Electric Heaters are the common electrical products, and generally include Air heater, Band heater, Immersion heater, Insulator heater, Hopper heater, Ceramic heater, Cartridge heater, etc.

Industrial Electric Heaters   Industrial Electric Heaters

Industrial Electric Heaters types:
Air heater: 'u' type, 'ring' type, etc.
Band heater: ceramic, mica, etc.: They are ideally suited to comply with today's new resins, which calls for ever-increasing process temperature.
Insulator heater
Hopper heater
Porcelain heaters
Fin heater
Ceramic heater
Tape heater
Cartridge heater
Immersion heater (oil, water, acid): Ideal for generating steam and heating gases and liquids in pressure vessels and tanks, flanged immersion heaters are hairpin-bent tubular elements welded or brazed into a flange and provided with electrical enclosures. Orient Engineers flanged immersion heaters are available in a wide selection of flange sizes and with a variety of electrical enclosures.
Special heater: nfp, etc.

Any heater is as per customer's drawing and specification with thermostat. Industrial Electric Heaters provided by us will meet your requirements.

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