Install dimension of termination

Install dimension of termination depends on the connection interface (up), connection interface (down), epoxy bushing, case, flange, seal ring, fixing screws, flange of fixing, tail and SF6 or oil.

Install dimension of termination drawings:

Install dimension of termination drawing                  Install dimension of termination drawing

Install dimension of termination details:
It is improved on tradition termination to meet new requirements of electric system and assembly dimensions of it comply with IEC60859 or 62271-209@IEC2007. Please Note it in order
It is suitable for Cable cross section: 95 2500mm2 and oil or SF6 transformer
The epoxy bushing of Ankura -Y JZGGCB can be installed and debugged beforehand. The only need on site is to install the termination. There is no need to pump in or out air, saving plenty of time
The facility and the termination can be tested respectively. It is easy testing after finishing cable system installation and checking fault

Orient Power production equipment:
The stress-relief cone is the key part in Accessories, it made of SIR (Silicone rubber) in high temperature. SIR has more capability of ultraviolet resistance, aging resistance weather resistance and anti corrosion than EPDM (ethylene propylene diene modified)
Epoxy part is the key part in GIS termination. It can be used substitute SF6 or oil.

The drawing of Install dimension of GIS installation and the Installation measurement chart can introduce the Install dimension of termination clearly. Orient Power is a manufacturer with the good production capacity. Over 10000 accessories each year from equipment, the epoxy product line made in Germany, Stress-relief cone for 35kV - 500kV and Epoxy product for 66kV - 500kV.

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