Insulator Bending & Torsion Resistance Testing Machine

The bending torsion testing machine is mainly applicable in the mechanical bending and torsion test for post type insulators, pin type insulators, and other insulators with material of porcelain and polymer.

What is “Insulator bending & torsion resistance testing Machine”?
The bending torsion testing machine is mainly applicable in the mechanical bending and torsion test for post type insulators and pin type insulators with material of porcelain and polymer.
As it is required in IEC standard and ANSI standard, porcelain post insulators for substation and overhead transmission line should bear a certain mechanical load. This mechanical load includes bending load and torsion load. (Sometimes it’s also called cantilever load of post insulators) So it is the same with polymeric post insulators. Polymer post insulators with epoxy resin core has appeared for decades, though the specific standard of which has not been defined, it is also required to be tested as ceramic post insulators. This bending & torsion testing machine will meet this demand.
As you can see in the figure, post insulator specimen shall be fixed on the bottom base with flange. In the vertical direction it is adjustable to adapt different insulator with different height. A moveable device will push from horizontal direction and record the process. This machine provides a maximum bending load of 50kN and maximum torque load of 8 to 30kN with different model, which can cover all types of common insulators and fittings.

Insulator bending & torsion resistance testing Machine

Insulator Bending & Torsion Resistance Testing Machine Structural Advantage:
By using single servo deceleration structure to achieve the functions of bending and torsion test, it has largely simplified main body and reduced failure rate and controllability has been greatly improved.
The whole system has better stability and much better controllable accuracy than ordinary hydraulic system; it has lower noise than ordinary hydraulic system as much as 20 db.
The bending & torsion device on movable transom is free to move in either directions, left or right, which make it easy to install.
This tester is also available for specimen with small mechanical load.
Bending test can be done in 4 directions with bottom base rotatable, which enables you to perform full tests conveniently. Insulators are fastened on the base with bolts and nuts.
This machine is powered by electro-hydraulic servo and controlled by computer automatically, which enable its high accuracy of 1%.

Bending and torsion testing machine for insulator overview
For safety consideration, a protection mask is necessary in case of fragment during the testing procedure.
Protection covers of bending & torsion testing machine

Controlling of testing machine
This bending & torsion tester is controlled by software on computer. With virtual panel on screen, it enables operator to observe the testing procedure easily. Live curve shows the change of testing force and tests can be stopped halfway for observation. The results can be saved, printed and recalled, enabling inspectors to note and compare.

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