Insulator Fittings Range

Insulator Fittings Range includes Ball Ended Fittings, Socket Ended Fittings, Shackles, Yoke Plates, Sag Adjuster Sets & Maintenance Links, Links & Plates, Arcing Horns, Corona Shields & Rings, Miscellaneous, etc.

Insulator Fittings   Insulator Fittings

Insulator Fittings Range:
Ball Ended Fittings:
A range of galvanised ball ended fittings is available encompassing ball hooks, ball eye links, ball clevis and ball tongues. Ball and shank sizes range from 11mm. up to and including 28mm. with failing loads of between 20kN and 400kN.

Socket Ended Fittings:
Galvanised socket ended fittings include socket tongues and socket clevis types with socket sizes ranging from 16mm. up to and including 28mm. with failing loads of between 70kN and 400kN.
Sockets are available with either the 'W' shaped locking device or the split pin type locking device- all in accordance with BS 3288-4 and BS EN 60372.

A comprehensive range of galvanised traditional round and square section shackles is available with failing loads of between 70kN and 300kN.
More specialised shackles for tower connection can also be provided upon receipt of full technical requirements.

Yoke Plates:
Galavanised yoke plates for all types of constructions and conductor configurations are available. These range from the simplistic 15/22 design rated at 70kN to the more complex designs for triple insulator strings and quad conductors rated at 800kN.

Sag Adjuster Sets & Maintenance Links:
Galvanised conventional 400kN, 300kN, 190kN and 125kN Sag Adjuster Sets, Plates and Maintenance Links required to provide adjustment to insulator/conductor sags and the necessary interface between the tension set, tower and maintenance equipment are contained within the range of fittings available from Orient Limited.
The majority of types and designs available are based on current UK maintenance procedures and practices. However, non standard designs can similarly be provided on receipt of full technical details.

Links & Plates:
A variety of galvanised steel plates and link arrangements including landing plates, single straight links, cranked link assemblies, parallel link assemblies, and crossarm link assemblies are available. Where special link arrangements are required, our engineering staff will be pleased to advise on all aspects of design and testing.

Arcing Horns, Corona Shields & Rings:
Galvanised corona shields and rings for all transmission applications are available together with corona rings for use on 275kV/400kV sub station post insulators.
The arc horns shown below are typical designs for use on voltages up to and including 132kV.
The arc horns illustrated below are typical tube type suitable for voltages up to and including 400kV.

Orient Limited provides a range of galvanised miscellaneous fittings which are used in a variety of applications. These include turnbuckles, eye bolts, dropper plates, tower swivels, anchor attachments and many other specialised items.

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