Insulator Testing Machine

Insulator Testing Machine includes Tension & compression testing machine, Insulator bending and torsion testing machine, insulator pin testing machine, porcelain porosity testing machine, boiling test machine, etc.

Insulator Testing Machine

Tension & compression testing machine for insulator, cable and chains:
Tensile test and compression test: for composite insulator, ceramic insulator string, glass insulator string, conductors, wire and cables. This function is used to measure the mechanical load of specimen so that the withstand load and breaking load shall be known and controlled.

Insulator bending and torsion testing machine:
Bending Test: for post insulators mostly. This test is designed to inspect the bending load of line post insulator and station post insulator with epoxy resin core or porcelain. This test is often done in multi conditions involved like bending test under high voltage which we call it “electrical-mechanical load test”, or under hot condition as “thermal state bending resistance”, which is also demanded in IEC tests. Torsion Test: usually for conductors, cables and certain type of post insulators.

Insulator pin testing machine:
Cotton pin Test: for composite insulator, ceramic insulator, and insulator. The cotton pin is also called locking pin sometimes. Our machine is able to test and measure the force to pull the pin out.

Porcelain porosity testing machine for electrical porcelain insulator:
Porosity Test: for porcelain disc insulators. It is necessary in ANSI standard for ceramic disc insulator.

Boiling test machine for polymeric insulators:
Boiling test: for composite insulator. It is to test the binding of fiber glass rod and polymeric housing.

Thermal State Bending Load Testing machine: Thermal Test: for insulators mostly. According to requirement in IEC and ANSI standard, thermal test is necessary for insulators to test its material property

Insulator Testing Machine advantages:
Practical function: The testing machine has been designed and produced to meet all type of demands from customers to perform necessary and possible tests and experiments on specimen. More than just measuring, most of our testing equipment is automatically controlled by computer with high precision (Manual control as alternative option). Testing procedure and result can be noted, saved, printed, recalled and compared.

Competitive price: With factory in China mainland, we take advantage of low labor cost, easily accessible raw material and convenient transportation; our testing equipment products have a much lower price compared with those from Japan and Germany, which have the SAME function. Our good collaboration with logistic company and insurance company made freight charges and insurance fee much lower than what it is in other countries. That’s why many customers chose us besides the consideration of machine price; the total expense with freight charge added is sometimes lower than those from Germany, Japan or America.

Orient supplies testing machine for electrical products like insulators, conductors, wires and cables. We supply non-standardized, highly customized and specific experimental and testing equipment for electrical and electronic industry, enabling manufacturers and research institutes of insulators, cables and metallic fittings to perform tests on their products.

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