Insulator and conductor

What are Insulator and conductor? Conductor is a substance, body, or device that readily conducts heat, electricity, sound, etc. Insulator is contrary.


Insulator and conductor definition:
Insulator is any material or device that insulates, esp a material with a very low electrical conductivity or thermal conductivity or something made of such a material.
Conductor is a substance, body, or system that conducts electricity, heat, etc.

Touch a bare electric wire and you might get a shock, pick up a hot pan and you might burn yourself. In either case, the missing protective substance is an insulator—a material to stop the passage of heat or electric current. Whether a material is a conductor or an insulator depends on its conductivity, or ability to conduct energy. If energy flows easily, the material is a conductor, if it does not, the material is an insulator.

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