Insulator hardware accessories

Insulator hardware accessories are important for electrical insulators which installed in the electrical systems, these fittings are made of forged steel, galvanized steel and aluminum alloy.

Insulator hardware accessories

The types of Insulator hardware accessories
Anchor rods: thimbleye anchor, twineye anchor; no wrench screw anchor, expanding anchor
Ground rods: copper bonded ground rods, galvanized ground rods, bronze ground rods and ground rods coupling
Power installed screw anchor: single Power installed screw anchor, twin Power installed screw anchor, socket drive screw anchor
Fasteners: machine bolts, double arming bolts, carriage bolts, forged oval eyebolts, forged thimble eye bolts, spool bolts, line posts studs, lag screw, drive hooks, MF type lock nuts and square nuts
Washer: square flat washer, square curved washer, round washer and spring washer
Eyenuts: forged Oval eyenuts, forged thimble eyenuts
Eyelets: forged strandard eyelet, forged straight eyelet, forged angle eyelet
Pins: low voltage forged steel pins, high voltage forged steel pins, pole top pins
Clamps & braces: guy clamp & attachments, cable suspension clamps, crossarm braces, guy attachments, forged anchor shackle and wide base clamps
Clevises: insulated secondary & deadend clevises, insulated cross arm clevises, insulated swinging clevises
Racks: secondary racks
Hot line clamps
Animal guards: silicone animal guard

Insulator hardware accessories also include insulator end fittings, other hardware fittings. The fittings have thousands of types, we only produce some insulator fittings, welcome to learn more information about Orient fittings.


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