Insulator manufacturer in India

Insulator manufacturer in India or in China is popular in the world; they can produce porcelain insulator, polymer insulator and other materials for insulator. Insulator can be divided into line composite & porcelain line post insulators, pin post insulator and so on.

porcelain insulator           pin post insulator

The famous of Insulator manufacturer in India
◆ Reliance Potteries, main products have ESP insulators, post insulators, bushing insulators, solid core insulators, pin insulators and porcelain pin post insulators.
◆ Goldstone Infratech Limited (GIL), main products have composite insulators, railway insulators and high voltage insulators
◆ Utilex Engineering Pvt Ltd., main products have porcelain & composite insulators and overhead power transmission line hardware HT & LT

Porcelain insulators manufactured by Insulator manufacturer in India are made by the wet process using high grade raw materials. The basic raw materials that go into the manufacture of porcelain insulators are naturally occurring clays and minerals like quartz and feldspar. The coarsely-powdered materials are ground to the required particle size in ball mills. The moisture content is reduced in filter process to obtain solid cakes. The cakes are fed into the pug mills.

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