Insulator performance

Insulator performance on different types of properties exhibited different.

Insulator performance

Insulator in overhead transmission lines with two basic roles, namely support wires and prevent the current back to the ground.

According to insulator material, it is mainly divided into four types:
◆ porcelain insulator
◆ composite insulator
◆ glass insulator
◆ HDPE insulator

AC transmission lines suspension using composite insulators, voltage level 10--1000kV; DC transmission line using suspension composite insulators, voltage rating ± 500-- ± 800kV; Post composite insulator voltage level 10--252kV.

Porcelain insulator characteristics about insulator specifications can be divided into:
◆ High voltage line with anti-pollution cap and pin type suspension porcelain insulator
◆ High voltage line pin insulator
◆ cap and pin type suspension porcelain insulator
◆ underground line high-voltage lines with cap and pin type suspension porcelain insulator

Insulator performances also have climate change, heat resistance and are not easy to scale features.


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