Insulator property definitions,11kv pin type insulator

This article lists some 11kv pin type Insulator property definitions to require the insulator design and drawing, such as leakage distance, electrical properties and mechanical properties.

Insulator property definitions,11kv pin type insulator

Leakage distance: the shortest distance along the surface of an insulator between two conductive parts. Note: the surface of cement or of any other non-insulating jointing material is not considered as forming part of the leakage distance. If high resistance coating is applied to parts of the insulating part of an insulator such parts are considered to be effective insulating surfaces and the distance over them is included in the leakage distance.
Dry-arcing distance: the shortest distance through the surrounding medium between terminal electrodes, or the sum of the distances between intermediate electrodes, whichever is the shorter, with the insulator mounted for dry flashover test.
Lot: a group of articles offered for acceptance from the same manufacturer, of the same design and manufactured under presumed similar conditions of production. One or more lots may be offered together for acceptance; the lots offered may consist of the whole, or part, of the quantity ordered.
Hot dip galvanized coating: a coating of zinc, and zinc-iron alloy layers, obtained by dipping prepared iron or steel articles in molten zinc. Under some circumstances the whole coating may consist of zinc-iron alloy layers.
Low frequency flashover voltage(dry/wet): the root-mean-square voltage that, under specified condition as dry/wet, causes a sustained disruptive discharge through the surrounding medium.
Critical impulse flashover voltage: the crest value of the impulse wave (1.5×50μs) that, under specified conditions, causes flashover through the surrounding medium on 50% of the application.
Low frequency puncture voltage: the root-mean-square value of the power-frequency voltage that, under specified conditions, causes disruptive discharge through any part of insulator.
Radio-influence voltage: RIV, the radio-frequency voltage measured under specified conditions in test.

11kv pin type insulator is manufactured in accordance with the NEMA C29.6, and is ANSI 56-2. The main technical parameters for 11kv pin type insulator

Items ANSI 56-2
Highest system voltage (kV) 12
Cantilever-strength(KN) 13
Minimum pin height (mm) 178
Dry-arcing distance (mm) 432
Low frequency flashover voltage (dry/min.) (kV) 210
Low frequency flashover voltage (wet/min.) (kV) 110
Critical impulse flashover voltage (positive) (kV) 70
Critical impulse flashover voltage (negative) (kV) 175
Low frequency puncture voltage(kV) 225
RIV test voltage at low frequency (kV) 145
Maximum RIV at 1000kHz (radio freed) (μV) 22
Maximum RIV at 1000kHz (plain) (μV) 100

Insulator property definitions help us to learn 11kv pin type insulator, and know how to design and produce pin insulators.


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