Insulator testing

Routine Test Load (R.T.L.) of insulator testing - The R.T.L. is the load applied to assembled composite insulators during Routine Tests. It is equal to 50% of the S.M.L.


Cantilever Load of insulator testing - Cantilever load is a load applied at the conductor position on the insulator, perpendicular to the conductor, and perpendicular to the rod of the insulator. This load is also called bending.
Compressive Load of insulator testing - Compressive Load is applied in-line with the longitudinal axis of the insulator rod and towards the base end.
Maximum Working Combined Loads of insulator testing:
The maximum working combined loads are the simultaneously applied cantilever and compression loads. They produce a bending moment that should not exceed the bending moment induced by the working cantilever load rating alone.
Working Cantilever Load (W.C. L.) of insulator testing - Working cantilever load is a load that must not be exceeded in service.
Maximum Design Rating (MDR) of insulator testing - The maximum mechanical load that the insulator is designed to withstand continuously for the life of the insulator.
Proof-Test Load of insulator testing - The routine mechanical load that is applied to an insulator at the time of its manufacture.

Delamination of insulator testing - Delamination is the loss of bonding of fibers to matrix.

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