Insulators, projects and facilities

Orient Power is an insulator manufacturer in China, and supplies all types of composite insulators, such as composite suspension insulator, supporting insulators, etc. The projects and facilities are the best proof.

Post insulator     suspension series composite insulator

Insulator types:
Suspension insulator
Pin insulator
Post insulator
Disc (Spools) insulator
Taut type insulator
Lighting arrester
Cascade fuse insulator
Transformer casing insulator
Electric power fittings
Glass insulator

Composite insulators:
Composite supporting insulator
Railway composite insulator products
110kV-500kV Composite spacer rod series
400kV, 500kV, 660kV, 800kV DC suspension series
400kV, 500kV, 750kV, 1000kV suspension series composite insulator
330kV suspension series composite insulator
220kV suspension series composite insulator
110kV suspension series composite insulator
66kV suspension series composite insulator
Cross-arm composite insulator (equal umbrella, big and small sheds)
10kV pin-on composite insulator /10kV suspension insulator

Insulator projects:
The DC 800kV composite insulator of Extra-high voltage transmission line
The 500kV composite supporting insulator operating in China
The 750kV composite supporting insulator operating in China
The composite supporting insulator operating in 110kV
330kV composite insulator in the operation of the transmission lines
The DC 800kV composite insulator of Extra-high voltage transmission line
660kV composite insulator operating Line

Insulator facilities:
ZWL-III Vulkameter
ZWF10-30 Tracking electricity test facility
SJDY-1200kv steep wave voltage test facility
YDTCW-600/1200 Power frequency testing system
GP-LSH2000L/1000KN Tensile
ZH-1000 Kneader
XK-400 Rubber mixing mill
FP-175 crimping machine
JY-6000C crimping machine
FYH-750 vulcanizer press
HYZ-1200B injection machine
YL-A1100B injection machine
HYZ-500B injection machine

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Orient is an international line post insulator manufacturer and supplier of high quality porcelain line post insulators and porcelain pin post insulator.
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