LT insulators

LT insulators include LT Pin Insulators, LT Shackle Insulators, Guy Strain Insulator, and LT spool insulators, LT bushing insulators, and so on. They are used for low tension distribution power system.

LT insulators types:
LT Pin Insulators: We offer L.T. Pin insulators in general brown glazed. It’s constructive for different industrial applications. Our pin insulators are used in digression locations, and also made of high grade wet process. The choice of low tension insulators are guide by the relative reliability of the minor lines and it usually suitable for a minimum failing load of 3.5 kn. The multi-piece design is widely used in low cost distribution lines, and very less exposed to damage.

   LT Insulators Guy Strain Insulator

LT Shackle Insulators: Our shackle insulators are sincere from non-conductive metal with high quality ceramic raw material and dielectric strength. These insulators are recognized for its durability and quality. These insulators are supreme for dry areas approximately electronic and high-voltage equipment. These insulators can be personalized as per our customer’s specifications and size. Shackle Insulators are used at the end of giving out lines or at sharp turns where there is excessive tensile load on the lines.

Guy Strain Insulator: Guy Strain Insulators are manufactured from wet process porcelain to ensure a life time of problem free service Strain insulators are typically used outdoors in overhead electric wiring. It is an insulator generally of extended shape. It is mainly used on the guy wire structure to balance the tension strength. Guy Strain Insulators are LT insulators used for stay assembly, so it also called stay insulators.

Guy Strain Insulators are known for their high mechanical strength and outstanding electrical properties. These Low Tension Guy Strain Insulators are made by using very high quality raw material which ensures high durability as well as irritate free work performance.

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