Lightning protection punctures pin insulators

Lightning protection punctures pin insulators unique arc fork closely linked through the upper end of the bolt and the insulator fittings.

Lightning protection punctures pin insulators

Under normal conditions, lightning discharge gap insulator does not move; only exceeds the lightning overvoltage occurs, the ground electrode arc gap fork can break down to form a short-circuit channel. The arc fork successive frequency arc burning it online clip on, release over voltage energy to protect the wire from burns.

The main feature of lightning protection punctures pin insulators:
1. Easier to puncture the wire insulation, and reduces damage to the wire.
2. Having a high mechanical strength, reliable electrical contact.
3. Arc fork and the ground electrode can be easily replaced to install and easy to maintain.

Lightning protection punctures pin insulators using a puncture-type structure patented installation online slot penetrate the wire insulation forming electrical connections.


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