Line end fitting

The Line end fitting of line post insulators are available in four different configurations: Horizontal or Vertical Clamp-Top, Tie-Top, or K-Clamp.


End fittings on Line Post Insulators are made of corrosion resistant aluminum alloy or galvanized iron castings.
Section length adjustment:

Line End Fitting Line End Fitting Designation Section Length
K-Clamp K See Technical Data sheet
Horizontal H L - 9 mm (0.4”)
Vertical V L - 23 mm (0.9”)
Tie-Top (F-neck) TF L - 33 mm (1.3”)
Tie-Top (C-neck) T L - 53 mm (2.1”)

Clamp top
The conventional horizontal and vertical trunnion accommodates a standard Line Post Insulator, bolted conductor clamp. On the horizontal design the line end fitting has an additional eye for the attachment of other devices during installation or maintenance activities.

The tie-top is designed for tying a conductor to the neck of the insulator. It is available in two standard neck sizes: C or F-neck.

Orient power introduced the original K-Clamp concept in the polymer Line Post live end fitting design. The uniqueness of this end fitting is a result of the many advantages it has over the traditional horizontal, vertical and tie-top configurations.

Advantages for K-Clamp:
Excellent corrosion resistant aluminum casting
A long, smooth contoured conductor clamping zone
The clamp accommodates a full range of conductor sizes
A single captive live-line operable bolt
All parts are captive
Its overall length permits standard cover up hoods to effectively cover all insulator sheds
The design can be installed in either a horizontal or vertical configuration
Inventory reduction is accomplished because one insulator is used for both configurations and a separate clamp is not required
The price of the new insulator is cost comparative with the purchase of a standard trunnion post insulator and a separate clamp
Substantial labour cost savings in stringing, sagging and conductor clamping
Other savings related to shipping, stocking and maintenance

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