Line hardware fittings

Line hardware fittings include many types, and Super top-tie line ties for Pin, Post and Spool Insulators and Silicone Rubber Line Post Insulators with Universal Clamp for 15-69kV are main types.

Line hardware fittings

Line hardware fittings:
Super top-tie line ties for Pin, Post and Spool Insulators:
Made of aluminum-clad steel compatible with aluminum, aluminum-alloy and ACSR conductors in the top grooves of vertical-mounted ANSI Class C, F, J and many non-standard pin and post insulators (single-or double-support) or on ANSI 53-2 spool insulators (horizontal or vertical).
High-density polyethylene hooks provide the wide application range and ensure proper installation. If used over armor rods (not required), select tie size based on total conductor/armor diameter. Semiconductive-rubber pad and high-density-polyethylene on loops protect against abrasion of insulator, conductor and tie. Fit is resilient and provides superior performance under galloping and aeolian vibration. Install by hand or with hot-line tools.

Super top-tie line ties are used for post insulator, pin insulator, non-standard insulator, ANSI 53-2 spool insulator. Super Top-Tie STT10 — STT130 also fit many foreign or reclaimed pin and post insulators with neck sizes 21/4" - 31/2". Consult us for use on pins and posts outside these dimensions.

Aluminum-Type Conductors, Typical Sizes:
Applied Length: 29" - 48" (Depends on insulator make and conductor size).
Strength: Exceeds Rule 261E.2(A) of National Electrical Safety Code
REA accepted.
To obtain outside diameters of conductors, consult Conductor Chart.

Silicone Rubber Line Post Insulators with Universal Clamp for 15-69kV Applications:
The Universal Clamp end fitting is used with the TM Line Post (VLLP) insulator family. Combining the proven direct bond silicone technology of the Ohio Brass VLLP design, the Universal Clamp offers a flexible range-taking connection that can be installed in either the vertical or horizontal direction. The Universal Clamp design eliminates the need for a separate additional conductor clamp; saving both money and installation time. In addition, the optional hotstick-operable feature provides flexibility for live-line work.
Design Features:
Proven direct bond interface
Weathersheds molded with proprietary silicone rubber compound
Universal clamp works for a conductor diameter range of 0.30” (7.6 mm) to 1.34” (34 mm) to provide flexibility in the field
Hotline option allows for live-line operability
Can be installed in vertical or horizontal directions, thus reducing inventory
Integral design eliminates need for additional trunnion clamp
Meets requirements of CEA LWIWG-02-1996 & ANSI C29.18-2003

Universal Clamptop & Stud Base w/Bracket
Universal Clamptop & Stud Base
Universal Clamptop & Gain Base
Multiple bracket options available
Universal Clamptop Dimensions (in inches)

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