Line post insulators of composite

Line post insulators of composite can be used in light, medium and heavy contamination areas for supporting and insulating wires or conductors.

Line post insulators of composite

The main features of Line post insulators of composite:
The lightning puncture withstand voltage for composite line post insulators is designed in 95kv, 105kv, 125kv, 150kv, 170kv, 200kv, 250kv and 325kv.
Rated bending failure load: 3kn, 5kn, 8kn, 10kn.
Installation: vertical and horizontal type.
End fittings: tie-top castings, clamp-top castings.

The main size characteristics of Line post insulators of composite:
Minimum nominal creepage distance
The maximum nominal diameter for Insulation body
The minimum nominal diameter for base assemblies
Trunking radius etc.

Line post insulators of composite, the connectivity between insulator spindle and base is Separate screwed.


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