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As a professional line post porcelain insulator manufacturer, Orient do all set of porcelain line post insulator tests in our independent laboratory.

Line post porcelain insulator materials used:
Line post porcelain insulator is made from porcelain, and the porcelain is the most frequently used material for insulators. Insulators are made of wet, processed porcelain. The fundamental materials used are a mixture of feldspar (35%), china clay (28%), flint (25%), ball clay (10%), and talc (2%).

Line post porcelain insulator                  porcelain Line post insulator

Line post porcelain insulator moulding:
The ingredients are mixed with water. The resulting mixture has the consistency of putty or paste and is pressed into a mold to form a shell of the desired shape.

The other way of Line post porcelain insulator moulding
The alternative method is formation by extrusion bars that are machined into the desired shape. The shells for porcelain line post insulator are dried and dipped into a glaze material. After glazing, the shells are fired in a kiln at about 1200 8C. The glaze improves the mechanical strength and provides a smooth, shiny surface. After a cooling-down period, metal fittings are attached to the porcelain with Portland cement.

About Orient Power:
Orient Power is a leader Line post porcelain insulator manufacturer, has rich experience and culture for porcelain line post insulator. Since 1978, our factory was established, large amount of Orient insulators have been installed by utilities worldwide in a variety of environments.

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