Live Part Cover

Live Part Cover is used for power substation, transmission, distribution and low voltage system and includes Cable guard, Rubber hose, Fuse cutout cover, Bird protection devices, Bushing cover and Animal barrier.

Live Part Cover Introduction:
According to the global climate change issue, many utilities and the Public Limited Companies are planning to grow more and more trees and living friendly with animal such as birds, squirrels, etc. These cause a lot of electricity blackouts mainly to the overhead line power distribution system, other causes from lightning, strong wind, raining, chemical pollution and trees themselves. Each time of blackout, it costs utility not only a large amount of expense but also the reputable of reliability will be questioned and lead to the compensation and exchanging of the electricity supplier.

In conventional overhead 12-33 kV distribution construction system, it is clearly seen that most of the terminal points for electricity path are not completely covered with outdoor insulation products, so we offer a complete ranges of barriers / deterrents / insulation, cost effective, and reliable means to protect their substation and overhead line assets from bird, squirrels, snakes and other environmentally induced flashovers such as lightning and tree touching, etc. The material shall be specified all types of polymer which are designed and tested to be quick installation, no special tools, UV stable, non-tracking, abrasion resistant and high dielectric strength withstand.

The Thai electricity utility has been proving our products and confirms to improve service level, reduce the environmental risk, maintain customer satisfaction and increase equipment life expectancy which leads to protect his own expensive assets.

Live Part Cover

Live Part Cover Application:
The products are for applications in any power substation, transmission, distribution and low voltage system belong to the choices as followed:
Energy & Utilities i.e. EGAT, MEA, PEA, IPP, SPP, VSPP
Information and Communication Technology i.e. TOT, CAT
Industrials i.e. PTT, IRPC, SCG
Hospitals i.e. Chulalongkorn Hospital
Academic Education i.e. Chulalongkorn University, Chiangmai University, Khon Kaen University
Consumer Product Business i.e. CPN, MBK, AOT
Transportation and Logistic i.e. SRT, BTS, MRT, AOT

Live Part Cover Features:
The equipment shall have successfully passed all the type tests or design tests in accordance with the Thai Industry Standards and the following international standards:
IEC Publication 60695 - 11 - 10 : Fire hazard testing - Part 11 - 10 : Test flames - 50 W horizontal and vertical flame test methods
IEC 60332-3-22:2000 Tests on electric cables under fire conditions – Part 3-22: Test for vertical flame spread of vertically-mounted bunched wires or cables – Category A
IEC Publication 60243 - 1 : Electrical strength of insulating materials - Test methods - Part I : Tests at power frequencies
ASTM Publication D 638 - 03 : Standard test method for tensile properties of plastics
TIS Publication 293 : PVC insulated aluminium cables
ASTM D3554 - 07 Standard Specification for Track-Resistant Black Thermoplastic High-Density Polyethylene Insulation for Wire and Cable, 75 °C Operation

Live Part Cover Type:
Cable guard
Rubber hose
Fuse cutout cover
Bird protection devices
Bushing cover (Transformers, Instrument transformers, Capacitor, Surge arresters)
Animal barrier

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