Long Rod Suspension Composite Insulator

The long rod suspension composite insulator consists of three parts with high-strength acid-resistant FRP rod core, polymeric sheds and end fittings as shown in the following picture of composite insulator.

Long Rod Suspension Composite Insulator picture:
long rod suspension composite insulator

The composite insulator is widely used and highly praised by the users with its hydrophobic performance, anti-flashover performance, high mechanical characteristic, less weight, convenience for line service.

Both of injection molding technology and bonding of separately molded sheds on extruded sheath technology are used in production by our company. Also the company is the first manufacturer in China making composite insulator sheds with automatic vacuum platen presser and cleaning hardware with ultrasonic cleaning machine. Before crimping, strict inspection will be done on each hardware to match with different core. The imported crimping machine and sound emission detector are used to inspect the fixing of end fittings one by one. Thus, products are guaranteed with high mechanical strength as well as the most reliable permance.

Our company can supply 35~1000kV AC and DC suspension composite insulator.

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