Low-voltage accessories

Low-voltage accessories include Connectors, Fixtures and fittings, Pole fuse switch disconnectors, Stay wire accessories, Hooks, Surge arresters, Lamp post fixtures, etc. The following is the details about these products.

Orient connectors have been used around the world since the mid 1960’s. Our connectors are designed to resist corrosion and bimetallic electrochemical reactions and to endure varying mechanical tensions and other forces detrimental to the connection.

Fixtures and fittings:
ABC cables have usually only one layer of insulation. They are not intended to be installed directly to the supporting surface. The wall mount fittings and the distance clips make it possible to install cables on various surfaces, both horizontally and vertically.
On poles the cables must leave space for the pole climbing irons. This and many other functions are built into Orient's cable mounting fittings.

Pole fuse switch disconnectors:
Pole fuse switch disconnectors are used for protecting low-voltage networks. They combine the functions of a fuse, a switch and a disconnector.
Pole fuse switches are easy to use as they can be operated from the ground by using a rod. They are also reliable and work for decades even in the most severe conditions.
Their reliability and safety has been proved in numerous tests in accordance with IEC and national standards. We manufacture 160 A and 400 A pole fuse switches.

Types: Pole fuse switch disconnectors 160 A 415 V, Connectors for 160 A pole fuse switches, Terminal cover set for 160A pole fuse switches, Pole fuse switch disconnectors 400 A 500 V, Connectors for 400 A pole fuse switches, Fastening bars for marking plate sets, Marking plate sets for pole fuse switches, Number plates, Brackets and racks, Operating rods for pole fuses, Earthing devices

Stay wire accessories:
The pre -assembled stay sets result in better logistics, smaller storage quantities and easier handling. The sets include a stay wire, a wedge clamp, black and yellow stay wire marks, fixing plates and a stay wire clamp or a stay iron with thimble.

ABC -cables are suspended on wooden, concrete or steel poles and walls. Every support requires its own tensioning device. The Orient hook program has a solution for all needs and tensions required.
The installation is easy and quick and no special tools are needed. The hooks are made of hot dip galvanized steel.
The specified minimum failure load (SMFL) is minimum load declared by the supplier at which mechanical failure will not take place. Maximum elastic deflection for hooks under SMFL is 2 mm.

Types: Suspension hooks with two base plates, Pig tail suspension hooks, Suspension hooks with bent front disc, Suspension hooks RKKS, Suspension hooks for tension insulators, Double arming bolts, M16 / M20, Double arming bolts, M24, Nut hooks, Nut hooks for external angles, Hooks with wood screws, Band hooks, Universal and plate hooks, Band and buckle for band hooks, Brackets for tension and suspension clamps, Suspension hooks for external angle, Ring nuts, Eye bolts, Suspension eye bolts, Pole hats

Surge arresters:
Over voltage protection is needed e.g. for electricity distribution and supply, consumer in house supplies and distribution transformers due to lightning strokes and switching actions.
The most effective means of protection is the use of surge arresters in the vicinity of electricity equipment.

Lamp post fixtures:
Lamp post fixtures are used for connecting and branching aluminium and copper cables in lamp posts and cable cabinets. The fixtures are insulated.
Orient connectors are tinned to suit for both aluminium and copper conductors (4 or 6 conductors). The connectors can be used as L, N, PE or PEN connectors.
Our assortment includes also connector sets, fuse bases, circuit breakers as well as complete, insulated lamp post fixture sets. The ready-made sets make the installation faster. Orient lamp post fixtures suit for many different pole types.

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