Low voltage distribution products

Low voltage distribution products include Electrical Cutouts in BS & Din Versions, Under Ground Cutouts in 300A, 200A TP Load Centers, Fuse Way BS Type up to 630A, din type single pole switchable fuse, etc.

Low voltage distribution products

Electrical Cutouts in BS & Din Versions:
Orient's has a wide range of Heavy Duty Cutouts in cast aluminum & sheet metal housing. Various configurations are available as per BS / DIN standards as per individual customer requirements. The Cutouts are designed for indoor or outdoor applications as per requirements.
The product finds its application for protection of underground lines and serves to disconnect a section of network during fault. The Underground Cutout is suitable for terminating aluminum or copper cables by pinching screw mechanism.

Under Ground Cutouts in 300A:
Designed to BS 88, the cutout is moulded in DMC compression moulding having high mechanical strength, is flame retardant and provides excellent all round impact strength. It is suitable for wedge type fuse links to BS 88 with 82.5 mm fixing center. Rated for 300A amperes, the product can also serve dual purpose of neutral link by connecting solid link of copper instead of fuse link.

200A TP Load Centers application:
200A DIN TYPE LOAD CENTRE KITS are most compact, convenient and reliable method of distributing Electrical energy. These units are supplied in kit form and can be easily mounted in enclosures to form complete Distribution boxes.
The product is Designed for 200A, 3 Phase Power System complying with IEC: 60439-1,1999.
The unique design offers easy fitment of MCB’s directly on the Bus Bar systems with DIN channel arrangement
200A TP Load Centers Characteristics – Design:
Compact Design
Base plate made up Electro Galvanized sheet steel duly powder coated in shade RAL-7032.
Single piece Bus bar design
Fully shrouded design
Slots provided for easy mounting in enclosures or wall.
Unique design provides for adjustment of height of PAN assembly.
Supplied complete with neutral and earthing terminals in brass duly tin plated.
Available in a wide range from 2 ways to 18 ways

Fuse Way BS Type up to 630A:
LV HRC Fuse Bases to BS Design can combine to form distribution system having desired number of electrical circuits and suitable for distribution application in Dist. Boards, Service Cabinets, feeder Pillars, etc.
Fuse Way BS Type up to 630A Characteristics – Design:
Vertical Design suitable for accommodating 92 mm fixing center fuse carriers to BS 88
Copper links are manufactured from ETP grade high conductivity copper and are duly tin plated.
We can manufacture the fuse way to exact customer requirement in terms of copper cross section depending upon current rating, inter link spacing or suitability to 82.5 or 92 mm fixing centers.
Mounted on paper based laminate has very high insulation strength with equally good mechanical properties in terms of tensile, flexural, shear & impact strength.
Insulated Inter phase barriers of DMC are provided between the phases which not only prevent phase to phase faults but also make it impossible to insert fuse carriers between different phases.

High tensile hardware of grade 8.8 provided on the cable side links offer ease of termination. Type tested at Central Power Research Institute - One of the premier testing institutes in India installed on our Feeder Pillars.

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