Low voltage overhead line

Low voltage overhead line solutions include uninsulated messenger wire system, OHL low-voltage accessories, Pole accessories, and so on. All these accessories have been developed and tested as per the standards.

Low voltage overhead line details:
Orient develops solutions and integrated product packages for various Low Voltage ABC (Aerial Bundled Cable) systems.
These solutions are designed to meet the local conditions and requirements taking into account the urban, rural, forested areas, density of population, climatic conditions, available investments etc.
All accessories have been developed and tested in close collaboration with electricity power companies.
As to the different systems the mechanical tensioning components (suspension clamps and tension clamps) are dependent on the system used, whereas many other components (e.g. connectors) are uniform for the three LV solutions.

Four core system: Suspension clamps, Tension clamps
Four Core System has been adapted in many Central and North European countries e.g. in Austria, Germany, Ireland, United Kingdom, Poland, Hungary, Russia and Scandinavia.
The four equal insulated conductors, that share the tensile load equally, have size range of 16 to 185 mm². They are made of aluminium with a relatively high tensile strength. Therefore, the breaking load of the cable is relatively high, too.
Insulation of the cores is typically made of XLPE or PE. The cable can be supplied with one or two insulated conductors for street lighting. Some countries use PE and others XLPE insulation with respective continuous operating temperatures of 65ºC or 75ºC.
Orient’s Four Core Solution includes a complete package of accessories for the Four Core System. Orient products ensure reliable and long lasting solutions suitable for the most demanding circumstances.

Insulated messenger wire system: Suspension clamps, Tension clamps

Uninsulated messenger wire system:
Suspension clamps, Tension clamps, Terminal clamps

OHL low-voltage accessories:
Connectors, Fixtures and fittings, Pole fuse switch disconnectors, Stay wire accessories, Hooks, Surge arresters, Lamp post fixtures

Pole accessories:
Orient offers also supporting stay wire sets, pole base reinforcers, and pole hats.
We have a variety of standardized sets available for these supporting purposes, which makes the material handling easy and speeds up the line erection process.
Orient's pole base reinforcers are meant for reinforcement of weakened wooden poles to increase the life time of the poles.
Types: Pole base reinforcers, Marsh pole foundations, Stay wire sets, low voltage, Stay wire sets, low voltage, automatic clamp, Stay wire sets, medium voltage, Stay wire sets, medium voltage, automatic clamp, Stay wire fixing plates, Stay wire marking accessories, Stay wire clamps, Stay wire accessories, Suspension hooks, Stud bolts, Nut hooks, Rock eye bolts, Extension rock eye bolts, Eye bolts, Eye stay links, Suspension eyes, Pole hats, Thimbles, Pole brackets, Uncategorized, Stay links, Flex. pole bands, Rock pole braces, Anvils, Tightening tools

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