Machined Ceramics and Ceramic Assembly

Machining methods of machined ceramics include saw cutting, milling, turning, and grinding. Orient provides ceramic assembly to the automotive, electrical distribution and commercial lighting industries.

Machined Ceramics details:
When small quantity orders for prototype samples or short production runs do not justify construction of a production tool, our machined ceramics are the best solution. These materials are machined in the "green" state to exacting tolerances and then kiln fired.
Standard machined tolerances are 1/2% or 0.005" per inch, with a minimum of 0.005". Tighter tolerances may be available depending upon the specific configuration.
Our primary machined ceramics are Alumina Silicate and L-5 Steatite. These materials are well suited for both electrical and high temperature applications. See the table below for the properties of Alumina Silicate and L-5 Steatite. Other machinable materials are also available for specific applications.
Machining methods include saw cutting, milling, turning, and grinding.

Machined Ceramics

Ceramic Assembly details:
Orient provides assemblies to the automotive, electrical distribution and commercial lighting industries. We actively solicit value-added opportunities to provide our customers with both individual molded parts as well as modular Ceramic Assembly. Our team assesses the needs of our customers in terms of specifications and prices and develops a process flow that optimizes both requirements.

Orient utilizes the expertise of other suppliers of coatings, metals, fasteners, and decorative finishing to support our relationship with our customers. Orient supplies whatever is required, such as inspection fixtures, to ensure that the customer’s need is satisfied. Orient’s ISO-certified manufacturing plants will provide all necessary documentation to take care of the most demanding requirements in the molded plastics industry. Our engineers will work very hard with you to take your next program to the completed phase of the product development cycle. Please allow us to quote on your next opportunity.

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