NGK insulator China

NGK insulator China includes porcelain insulators (such as: suspension insulators, long rod insulators, distribution insulators, station post insulators) and polymer insulators.

NGK insulator China              NGK insulator China

NGK insulator China in composite material:
Long rod insulators
Line post insulator
Hollow insulators
History of R&D: Since 1960s. / More than 30 years. Actual Result: No Failure in service through all our experiences.

NGK insulator China in porcelain material:
Suspension insulators
Long rod insulators
Distribution insulators
Line post insulators
Station post insulators
Hollow insulators
NGK Insulator China has been used successfully in more than 100 countries and in particular has a majority in EHV, UHV and HVDC transmission lines.

NGK insulator China will satisfy all requirements from customers, and it will be a better choice for you if you don’t care the price.

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