Outdoor hv composite polymeric insulators

Outdoor hv composite polymeric insulators include suspension insulators, line post insulators, hollow insulator, crossarm insulators, railway insulators, post insulator and so on.

Outdoor hv composite polymeric insulator

Outdoor HV composite polymeric insulators are being accepted increasingly for use in outdoor installations by the traditionally cautious electric power utilities worldwide.

The advantages of outdoor HV composite polymeric insulators
These include light weight, higher mechanical strength to weight ratio, resistance to vandalism, better performance in the presence of heavy pollution in wet conditions, and comparable or better withstand voltage than porcelain or glass insulators.

The disadvantages of outdoor HV composite polymeric insulators
Because polymeric insulators are relatively new, the expected lifetime and their long-term reliability are not known and therefore are of concern to users. Additionally they might suffer from erosion and tracking in the presence of severe contamination and sustained moisture. This leads to the development of dry band arcing that under certain circumstances could lead to failure of polymer insulators.

For solving these problems, Orient Power will do some test of outdoor HV composite polymeric insulators. An extrapolation of the life distribution to normal loads provides an estimate of the strength rating and mechanical equivalence to porcelain line post insulators.

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