Overvoltage protection,surge arresters

Overvoltage protection, surge arresters, avoiding lightning overvoltage at the point of origin, such as through earthed shielding wires in front of the substation that intercept lightning.

Overvoltage protection,surge arresters

The arresters with direct sealed silicon housing do not have any parts that are subject to wear and are free of maintenance. Additionally, the pollution of the silicon housing does not have a negative influence on the insulation resistance of the housing.

The arrester can be cleaned if the pollution is very strong. For the cleaning the use of abrasive cleaning materials or solvents are not recommended. The best way to clean silicon surfaces is with clear warm water and a soft cloth that does not make any fluff. This arrester should not be treated with silicon grease or oil after cleaning.

In medium voltage systems the arresters can be stressed by direct or close strokes under certain circumstances such as on the poles, because these kinds of systems have hardly any earthed shielding wires. In such cases, they must withstand at least a part of the lightning current.

Overvoltage protection, surge arresters, multi-protection, self-protection at high voltage, low voltage stability.


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