Phenolic Sheets (Fibre Sheets)

Phenolic Sheets (Fibre Sheets) include Paper Based Phenolic Bonded Sheets and Fabric Based Phenolic Sheets, such as Paper Based Phenolic Bonded Electrical Grade Sheets, Cotton Fabric Based Phenolic Bonded.

Paper Based Phenolic Bonded Electrical Grade Sheets Technical Data:
Grade PT/P100 - Insulation Resistance : 5-10 MEG, OHM, Composition ; Paper Phenolic,
Termal Classification : E (IS:1271 - 1958), Specification IS: 2036 - 1974.
Colour: Natural Brown,, Thickness Range: 0.8 mm to 50.0 mm-
Sheet Size : 4' 4', 8' 4', 1mtr. 1mtr.. or cut to any size.
Grade PT/100 is a Phenolic Resign bonded paper base Laminated Sheet. It has excellent mechanical strength and adequate electrical properties for low tension applications. For electrical application, conditions should preferably be non-humid. This grade possesses excellent machining and punching characteristics.

Specification for Paper Based Phenolic Bonded Sheets:
P1 Paper phenolic sheet
P2 Paper phenolic sheet
P3 Paper phenolic sheet

Specification meets BS: 2572: Grade P1, Din 7735
Grade HP2061, Nema: L1 I 1989. Grade X. & IS: 2036 Grade P1.

Cotton Fabric Based Phenolic Bonded:
Technical Data on Cotton Fabric Phenolic based Sheets:
Colour: Natural Brown (Also Dark Brown or Black against order.)
Thickness Range: From 0.4 mm to 150.0 mm
Specification: BS: 2966: 1958 & IS: 2036-1974
Termal Classification: E-IS: 1271-1958

Medium weaved scoured cotton fabric reinforced phenolic resin bonded laminated sheet for higher impact resistance and good machining and punching properties, resistance to chemicals, suitable for Mechanical and Electrical application.

Specification for Fabric Based Phenolic Sheets:
F1 Fabric Sheet
F2 Fabric Sheet
F3 Fabric Sheet
F4 Fabric Sheet

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