Photo Electric Control Relay

Photo Electric Control Relay serves to turn lights on at night and turn off at the dawn of a new day by the sensing of intensity of light from the sun, better than Single pole lighting or Royal ceremony lighting.

Nowadays, lighting luminair for traffic transportation, traffic signal lights, banner advertizing and public parks, etc are as important to living, safety and accidents reduction as shown in three Figures below:
Single pole lighting, Royal ceremony lighting, Photo Electric Control Relay


Photo Electric Control Relay which is shown in the circle of Figure 3, it serves to turn lights on at night and turn off at the dawn of a new day by the sensing of intensity of light from the sun that can be designed and set by the user to perform automatically according to an international standards. Without Photo Electric Control Relay, then the operator must open and close the lighting circuit by manual according to the feeling of bright and dark decision which may not be predicted the definite time schedule in which the tasks that need good care of each operator, otherwise it may lead to the risk of an accident that caused to the life and property of the people.

G.K.Power Products Co.,Ltd.is an experience manufacturer with international standards performance starting from the design, procurement and quality controlled raw materials from well known electronic circuit component that brought to be assembled into finished product and tested to meet Metropolitan Electricity Authority (MEA) and Provincial Electricity Authority (PEA) standards. Routine testing process will be carried out at the factory to get the testing data same as results conducted by the independent test institute. We also have a field test to prove the results by applying actual climate to determine the total lifetime of Photo Electric Control Relay to build up confidence in the quality to customers.

From the fact that we have to waste time, money and effort at daily routine work in the closed boundary and/or in the rules on each day, If we try to have opened boundary of thinking for one minute in each person. Then we can see what others could not see which will save time, money and labor cost and once we have to take action and get the expected result which will make us proud and happy to work more and more efficient.

Using only the labor needed to work every day repeatedly without improvement or altered methods, It will lose encouragement, time and labor cost. As a result is tired of being weak and will run them with unsuccessful and ashamed. People, not like machines which have to do everything that is designed as usual process, we just think as opened boundary to investigate the problems, step by step analysis, fact finding, standard and experimental study of the consequences and practical solution at the end. This would make us proud and happy to work more and create a good idea to support our work to reduce investments and bring a great deal of healthy mind.

In this article, I just want our readers to think out scope boundary which is still in our responsible work only one minute in each day, you can develop yourself and the company to be modern international standards or to the customers requirement.

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