Pin post insulator 24kv

Pin post insulator 24kv is widely used around the world for combining the advantages of the line post insulator with the advantages of the pin type insulator.

Pin post insulator 24kv              Pin post insulator 24kv

Pin post insulator 24kv advantages and properties:
Large creepage distance
Standard ANSI neck dimensions
Zinc thimble with thread type and porcelain thread type
Better anti-pollution ability
Suitable for MV Power Overhead Lines in heavy polluted areas
With the long insulator pin or short insulator pin
Increase the protected creepage distance

Pin post insulator 24kv is made from high quality non porous electrical porcelain and galvanized ferrous (or non-ferrous) end fittings which provide long life and reliable performance over a wide range of environmental conditions.

Pin post insulator 24kv is inherently free from both radio and television interference without any additional treatment. Gray glaze is supplied on all standard strength insulators unless otherwise specified.

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