Pin type Composite Polymer Insulator particulars and standards

Technical Specification for 11 KV, 5KN, 340 Creepage Distance Pin type Composite (Polymer) Insulator with rod mainly includes system particulars and standards, IEC standards are the international standard.

Pin type Composite (Polymer) Insulator

Pin type Composite Polymer Insulator system particulars:
Nominal system voltage KV (rms) 11
Highest System voltage KV (rms) 12
DGVCL/SP/9037/11KV Composite (Polymer) Pin Insulator 9
Visible discharge test voltage KV (rms) Normal Frequency (Hz) 50
Maximum Frequency (Hz) 51.5
Minimum Frequency (Hz) 47
Wet power frequency withstand voltage KV (rms) 50
Dry lighting Impulse withstand voltage KV Positive 129 Negative 135
Minimum creepage distance (mm) 320
For B&S Type long Rod Insulators 340
For Pin Insulators
Min. failing load (KN) – For B&S Type long Rod Insulators 45
Min. bending load (KN) – For Pin Insulators 5
Pin Ball shank diameter mm Effectively
Neutral Earthing Grounded

Pin type Composite Polymer Insulator standards:
IEC: 61109 Definition, test methods and acceptance criteria for composite insulators for A.C. overhead lines above 1000 V
IEC: 60883 Porcelain insulators for overhead power lines with a nominal voltage greater than 1000 V
IEC: 60060-1: Methods of High Voltage Testing
IEC: 60120, IEC: 60732: Specification for insulator fittings for overhead power lines with a nominal voltage greater than 1000 V General requirements and tests dimensional requirements locking devices.
IEC: 60575: Thermal mechanical performance test and mechanical performance test on string insulators units
IEC: 60815: Guide for the selection of insulators in respect of polluted conditions
IEC: 60433: Characteristics of string insulator units of the long rod type.
STRI guide 1.92/1: Hydrophobicity Classification Guide
CISPR: 18-2 Part-2: Radio interference characteristics of overhead power CISPR: 18-2 Part-lines and high voltage equipments
IEC-60437: Methods of RI Test of HV Insulators
ANSI C29.13-2000: Standards for insulators - Composite-Distribution Dead-end Type
ISO: 1459, ISO: 1461: Hot dip zinc coatings on structural steel & other allied products
ISO: 1461 (E): Recommended practice for Hot Dip Galvanization for iron and steel.
ISO: 1460: Determination of Weight of Zinc Coating on Zinc coated iron and steel articles.
ISO: 2178: Methods of testing of local thickness of electroplated coatings.
Testing of uniformity of coasting of zinc coated articles.
ASTM D 578-05: Standard specification for glass fiber strands.
ASTM E 1131-03: Standard test method for compositional analysis by Thermogravimetry
Specification for refined secondary Zinc.

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