Pole guards, pole roofs, pole steps

Pole guards, pole roofs, and pole steps are fittings used on electrical poles, and pole steps include detachable and pole steps. The following is the features, pictures, materials, and other details of these products.

 pole roofs   pole steps

Pole guards, pole roofs, pole steps details:
Pole Guards:
Pole Guards are fastened to the base of poles located at corners and other vulnerable spots to protect from vehicular damage.
The dimensions given are those of the flat plate before bending on a 7-1/2-inch radius.
All holes are 9/16-inch for mounting with 1/2-inch screws.
Material: Hot Dip Galvanized

Pole Roofs:
The J2108 Pole Roof is designed to protect the most vulnerable part of the pole above ground-- the exposed end grain. In spite of modern pressure-treating methods, constant weathering will leach out the preservatives in the exposed pole top and eventually necessitate repair or replacement.

The J2108 is made of long-life roofing material. Since it is non-metallic, there is no danger of radio interference as with a metallic cap. The two-piece pole roof is easily installed with ten broad head galvanized nails included in the package.

Pole Steps:
Detachable Pole Steps are used to prevent unauthorized climbing to the point on a pole where permanent steps are installed.
A special 9/16 x 4 inch fetter drive lag screw permanently attaches the mounting plate to the pole. Twisting is prevented by a punched projection. A nail hole is also provided.
The detachable steps can be hung from the lineman's belt. When attached to the pole, they extend 5-1/2 inches. Steps are turned up at the outside edge to give linemen a steady foothold.
Material: Hot Dip Galvanized

Pole Steps
Rolled fetter drive threads and a wide, flat driving surface make installation fast and easy. A knurled ring indicates the proper driving depth.
Material: Hot Dip Galvanized

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