Polymer Insulators

Polymer Insulators also called silicone rubber composite insulator, and consist of three basic parts: resin bonded fiber glass rod (core rod), silicone rubber housing (sheathing), and metal end fittings.

pin insulator   disc insulator

Polymer insulators design:
Weather shed: design according to aerodynamic
Housing: thickness conforms to international standard
End fitting: high quality steel, compressed with fully automated crimping machine

Polymer Insulators Features:
Light weight (up to 70% less than Ceramic insulators). Ease of installation as easier to handle and transport.
Outstanding resistance to environmental factors such as U.V. light, ozone, acids, contaminations and moisture.
Silicone Rubber sheds provides perfect hydrophobic performance, hydrophobicity transfer in to pollution layer also possible, good resistance to ageing and tracking & erosion.
Stable behavior at extreme climatic conditions -50 to + 50 deg C.
Suitability for polluted and salty atmospheres etc.
Resistance to breakage and vandalism, practically unbreakable.
Eliminates or reduces maintenance (such as washing) and are compatible with existing porcelain insulators.
Energy Efficiency (Low leakage current due to more surface resistivity).
Safety (Light weight for handling and installation, eliminates catastrophic mechanical failures).
Consistent mechanical and electrical performance through out entire service life.

Polymer insulators:
11-33kv disc insulators
11-33kv pin insulators
66kv 70kn / 90kn disc insulator (suspension & tension)
132kv 70kn / 90kn / 120kn disc insulator (suspension & tension)
220kv 70kn / 90kn / 120kn disc insulator (suspension & tension)
400kv 120kn / 160kn disc insulator (suspension & tension)

Orient manufactures polymeric insulators ranging from 11kv – 400kv. Our products are being tested for design test & type test as per IEC -61109 as CPRI Bangalore, ERDA Vadodara and other NABL approved labs.

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