Polymer insulators manufacturers in India

Polymer insulators manufacturers in India have professional development team and can design products according to customer’s requirements.

Polymer insulators manufacturers in India do the following tests for products:
Standard ASTM E 662 Test to determine the optical density of the smokes.
Standard IE.TE. 127 Test for railways post insulators (power arc test)
Accelerated ageing test in saline fog performed on composite insulators in Orient Power, according to the standard DIN 57441 for 1000 hours with a salinity of 10 Kg/m³.
Standard IEC K-2630/1 Test for power wash in H.V. composite insulators
Standard ASTM G 26 Ageing tests using ultraviolet rays UV.

Polymer insulators manufacturers in India have produce polymer insulators for a few years, and the team of skilled engineers operating in their products design is dedicated to providing solutions to customers in the field of high voltage polymer insulators.

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