Polymer line post insulator tests

Polymer line post insulator is subjected to various mechanical, electrical, aging, and combined load tests to validate the design. Some unique polymer line post insulator tests and the facilities are as follows.

Polymer line post insulator

Polymer line post insulator tests:
Tests for ANSI C29.17:
Cantilever Load Test in Thermal Cycle Chamber:
This test evaluates the cantilever performance during a thermal cycle. ANSI defines 50% of the SCL under the thermal cycle of +50ºC to -35ºC as the test condition in this part of the prototype testing.

Housing Tracking & Erosion Test:
This is an accelerated aging test for the rubber material and also evaluates the shed profile design. The ANSI requirement is to maintain the test for 1000 hr. as a prototype test.

AC Dry Flashover Test:
This test evaluates the electrical performance of the line post. ANSI requires the test as part of prototype testing and design testing.

Unique Mechanical Evaluation Tests:
1. Cyclic Cantilever Load Test:
This test uses a cyclic cantilever load, which simulates conductor vibration for verification of fatigue performance. The picture (bottom-left) is a 2.5” diameter line post insulator.

Cantilever Load Test Facility in Thermal Cycle Chamber
Housing Tracking & Erosion Test
Cyclic Cantilever Load Test
AC Dry Flashover Test

2. Sudden Longitudinal Load Release Test:
This test provides an impact load that simulates a conductor failure and verifies the stress relief performance due to the flexibility of a polymer post insulator. The shock absorption function of the polymer line post was monitored by strain gauges placed on the insulators.
Before Load Release, Load Release, After Load Release

3. Combined Load Test:
Various combinations of multiple loads were applied to obtain a clear understanding of the combined load performance of line posts. These test experiences were analyzed and later contributed to the establishment of a combined load curve calculation program.
Vertical & Compression Load, Vertical, Compression, & Longitudinal Load, Vertical, Tension, & Longitudinal Load, Vertical & Torsion Load

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