Polymeric insulator

Polymeric insulator is a kind of insulator made of composite. The use of polymeric insulator in the electric power sub-stations and distribution and transmission lines is very beneficial.


Because of its many advantages of polymeric insulator, such as contamination performance, reduced construction costs, light weight, easy handling, low or no maintenance, vandalism resistance and compact design.
Historically, North America has been the leader in the use of composite insulators and this continues to be the case for high voltage application. Most users have a number of composite insulators on trial on their system’s highest voltage transmission lines. For some time they have been used in limited numbers where porcelain and glass unit have been unable to fulfill their requirements and better performance can be obtained by using composite insulators. Recently composite insulators have been used on a large scale for several major high voltage transmission line projects.
In general, some user appears to be waiting for more in-service data before committing to polymeric insulator on a large scale. All users appear to agree that the key advantages of composite insulators over ceramic or glass insulators are superior.

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