Porcelain Hollow Insulators

Porcelain Hollow Insulators up to 1100kV are suitable for switchgear, instrument transformers, power transformers and cable sealing ends. The shed includes alternating/plain/under rib/ rain sheds.

Porcelain Hollow Insulators Innovative insulator design:
Insulators from PPC group are synonymous with quality and reliability. Our engineers work with OEM’s in order to design tailored solutions for each and every customer.
Continuous development and investment at PPC enable us to offer Porcelain Hollow Insulators up to 1100kV:
For switchgear (DTB, LTB and GIS)
Instrument transformers (CT and CVT)
Power transformers
Cable sealing ends

Porcelain Hollow Insulator

We are able to produce all possible Porcelain Hollow Insulators shed designs as defined in the relevant IEC standards including alternating sheds, plain sheds, under rib sheds, rain sheds, plus unique sheds designs requested by our customers.

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