Porcelain distribution insulators

Porcelain distribution insulators include Suspension Insulators, Tie–Top Line Post Insulators, Horizontal & Vertical Clamp Top Line Post, Pin Type Insulators, and other low voltage porcelain insulators.

Porcelain distribution insulators types:
Suspension Insulators: ORIENT standard suspension insulators with high mechanical and electrical strength are designed to meet the most modern demands for distribution line usage today.
ORIENT makes one of the widest ranges of ANSI approved Ball–Socket and Clevis type distribution suspension insulators for overhead distribution systems in the world.
Each suspension shell undergoes rigorous electrical testing before and after assembly before being shipped.

Tie–Top Line Post Insulators: ORIENT one – piece design tie – top line post insulator eliminates the need for suspension shells while providing maximum protection under severe flashover and mechanical impact. Designed for upright or angle mounting on a crossarm, a choice of stud assemblies is available for both wood and steel crossarms.
All Line Post Insulators are manufactured by ORIENT in strict compliance with ANSI standards.

Suspension InsulatorTie–Top Line Post InsulatorHorizontal & Vertical Clamp Top Line PostPin Type Insulator

Horizontal & Vertical Clamp Top Line Post: ORIENT offer horizontal & vertical clamp top linepost assemblies for ratings 25 kV through 35 kV. ORIENT Santana horizontal mounting line post assemblies are primarily recommended for downleads, jumper loop control and similar applications.
A galvanized metal cap is cemented to the outside of the line post head supporting the trunnion type clamp.
ORIENT Santana vertical clamp top line post insulators are mounted upright on crossarms and structures. Rated at 2800 lb. cantilever strength these insulators offer strength with excellent mechanical as well as electrical characteristics.

Pin Type Insulators: Highly resistant to lightning puncture, ORIENT manufactures a wide range of low and high voltage Pin Type insulators designed for distribution. The versatile neck designs in "C, F, K and J", side and top grooves, accepts large diameter conductors for easy tying. All neck sizes comply with industry standards: factory formed ties can be used.

Porcelain distribution insulators also include porcelain spool/reel insulator, ceramic shackle/butterfly insulators, wet porcelain stay / guy wire insulators, and other low voltage porcelain distribution insulators.

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